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Lucky Rituals For Winning the Cricket Match

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“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson”
World Cricket fever has gripped the entire world, and especially my India. The frenzy is so contagious that we are falling victims to its lure. People practice a lot of rituals to make their team win; these lucky rituals can also be termed as silly superstitions.

I was listening to the radio, while on my way to the gym, and suddenly a voice piped up, “send in your lucky rituals that you practice to make your team win.” The radio jockey announced that the caller whose lucky ritual will help the team win will receive a whole lot of gifts and accolades from the entire radio channel team. People were asked to call up and share their eccentric rituals with the world.
One caller came up with this novel idea of wearing a fresh set of under- garments on the day of the match. He was confident that India will surely win if everybody at the radio station wore fresh underwear. I fail to see the logic here but then, what do I know about cricket? The radio channel invited this man to the studio; everybody wore a fresh set of undergarments the day of the match and Viola…India won!!! This guy was rewarded and this ritual was preached on air to all the listeners for future matches.
Next match, next caller insisted that he got his hair cut on the day of the match. So next match, all callers were given free coupons/gift vouchers for hair-cuts at the city’s leading saloons and beauty parlours. Many people got free hair-cuts, but India lost. This man was made to apologise on air.
Next a lady caller, who didn’t want to be left behind, said she made tea for her maid on the day of the match. So the days she doesn’t make tea for her maid, we lose the game. Our win depends on her whim of making tea!!!
A gentleman caller said he would wash the entire colony’s resident’s clothes if our team won the match. Another one said that he would shave half his moustache, the rituals keep getting weirder, day by day and our team continues to win some and lose some.
Lucky charm won’t work if the team doesn’t work hard and perform well. The long hours the cricketers put in at the nets count. India won against Australia in the quarter finals and the lucky caller will be thrilled that his lucky ritual has made the team win. I wonder what his thing was. Was it wearing women’s clothes? If this is the case, we will see men of all shapes and size wearing their wives sister’s or mother’s saris and dresses, whenever our team plays. God help us.
And when a caller announced that his lucky ritual for a sure-shot win for the country is “not stepping out of the house”, on the day of the match, the radio channel started a campaign to get people to skip work and stay put indoors. India won the semi-final against Pakistan, now what do we do? Stay indoors every time there is a match in progress?
We are all set for the finals against Sri Lanka now, any callers with weird ideas? We are waiting for your calls. Could somebody kindly enlighten us ignorant people that if the players don’t train well nothing can help them win the match, especially these so-called lucky rituals.
The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle. ~Author Unknown
P.S. I keep my fingers crossed during our team’s batting and promise to be a regular visitor to the temple, if we win.
p.s. 2. I prepare Kheer on the morning of the match, in anticipation of a win.
p.s. 3. I chant Gayatri Mantra, when India is batting.
It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans. ~Robert Lynd
Sulekha aka Lucks

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Well said

Hi Sulekha - you have hit the nail on its head - A frighteningly obvious question comes to mind with the first ritual suggested - DO you mean the guy who suggested this and even worse the entire radio station do not actually wear fresh undergarments everyday anyway????? Weird!!! Loved reading your post as always!


i like the article alot it is very humorous.